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You are sellers

Choose good visibility; of your ad after a personalized estimate corresponding to the market. real estate. Because what is rare is sought after, so do not multiply the distribution of your property at the risk of devaluing it

NB. : Be aware that a new energy audit is mandatory for single-family homes: since 04/01/2023 sellers of single-family homes or single-ownership buildings must prepare a new energy audit. to send an energy audit to buyers, from the first visit this document must be attached; to the mandate of sale or to the final deed of sale.

This obligation currently concerns holders of property whose DPE is class F or G. It will extend on 01/01/2025 to housing labeled E and then to 01/01/2034 to; those rated D.  

You are buyers

Ask yourself the right questions before you start….

  • Define in advance your geographic area of search for your property, its environment, its local services, its advantages, its disadvantages.
  • Define your selection criteria taking into account any concessions you would be willing to make. to find your property and that we can accompany and advise you at best.
  • Draw up your financing plan with professionals regardless of the various information available. your disposal on the internet.

Apply to; our services during your purchase will guarantee you peace of mind. in all your steps and this until the purpose of your project at the notary.

Sellers, buyers, we assure you personalized support. and professional to; every step of your real estate project